Bona Freshen Up

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Bona Freshen Up is a ready-to-use waterborne coating specifically designed for the periodic maintenance and protection of lacquered wood floors. It offers several key benefits that contribute to the overall care and longevity of lacquered wood surfaces.

One of the main advantages of Bona Freshen Up is its wax-free formulation. Unlike traditional maintenance products that may require regular waxing to maintain the floor’s appearance and protection, Bona Freshen Up eliminates the need for waxing. This simplifies the maintenance routine and ensures a consistent and uniform finish.

Furthermore, Bona Freshen Up allows for future overcoating with professional lacquer if desired. This means that if the floor requires additional protection or a different finish, it can be easily overcoated with a suitable lacquer without any complications. This versatility provides flexibility in maintaining and updating the appearance of the lacquered wood floor over time.

Bona Freshen Up is specifically formulated with high wear-resistance in mind. It creates a durable wear layer on the surface of the floor, acting as a shield against daily foot traffic and reducing the visibility of scratches and scuffs. This helps to maintain the floor’s original beauty and prolong its lifespan.

The coating also produces a high gloss finish, rejuvenating and enhancing the luster of dull floors. It adds a fresh and vibrant appearance to the lacquered wood surface, restoring its natural shine and beauty.

Importantly, Bona Freshen Up is formulated without the addition of waxes. This feature enables future overcoating with professional lacquer if needed. It ensures compatibility with other lacquer products and allows for seamless transitions in the floor maintenance process.


Key benefits:

  • Wax-free maintenance: Bona Freshen Up is a wax-free maintenance coating designed for lacquered wood floors. It provides a protective layer without the need for additional waxing, simplifying the maintenance process.
  • Allows future overcoating: The formulation of Bona Freshen Up allows for future overcoating with professional lacquer if desired. This flexibility ensures that the floor can be further protected and refreshed when needed.
  • High wear-resistance: Bona Freshen Up is formulated with high-quality materials to provide excellent wear-resistance. It creates a durable wear layer on the surface of the lacquered wood floor, protecting it against daily foot traffic and reducing the appearance of scratches and scuffs.
  • Durable wear layer: The coating forms a durable wear layer on the wood floor, enhancing its longevity and durability. This wear layer acts as a shield, safeguarding the underlying wood from wear and tear, preserving its original appearance.

Remove loose dirt and grit from your floor. Depending on the degree of soiling, mix a suitable solution of Bona Cleaner or Bona Deep Clean Solution and wet clean the floor thoroughly. Observe that any remaining dirt will become trapped in the coating and cannot be removed afterwards. Let floor dry completely.

Do not use Bona Freshen Up on any floor that has been waxed or oiled as residues from these materials may disrupt the adhesion to the surface. It is recommended to always test the adhesion to the surface and check for desired results prior to using Bona Freshen Up.

1. Shake container thoroughly before use. Apply Bona Freshen Up in a 34 cm wide wavy line on a 3 m² section of the floor and without delay, spread the product using a flat polish application pad. For best results, maintain a thin consistent coat.

2. Without adding more product, smooth out the section by moving the applicator with the grain of the wood.

3. Continue with next section and then allow the ready treated floor minimum 2 hours drying time before resuming light foot traffic on the floor. If required, it is possible to apply a second layer of Freshen Up after this time.

Avoid heavy traffic and the replacement of furniture and rugs until next day. To achieve a uniform
aspect, it is advised to always treat the entire surface.

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