Bona Extension Bar – Silver


For use with Bona applicators, no adaptor required.

Telescopic – 110-200 cm

The swivel-head applicator handle you mentioned has a maximum length of 200 cm, allowing for extended reach during coating applications. It is equipped with a bayonet connection mechanism, which enables easy attachment and detachment of Bona rollers and handles.

The bayonet connection is a simple and secure attachment system that allows for quick and tool-free installation of the application sleeve onto the handle. It typically involves a twist-lock mechanism where the sleeve is aligned with the handle and then twisted into place until it locks securely.

With the bayonet connection, you can easily switch between different types of Bona rollers and handles without the need for additional tools. This feature enhances the versatility and convenience of the swivel-head applicator handle, allowing you to adapt to different coating applications and surface requirements.

It is important to ensure that the bayonet connection is properly engaged and locked before beginning the application. This will prevent any accidental detachment during use and ensure a stable and controlled application process.

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