Bona Edge UX

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The Bona Edge UX is a powerful and easily maneuverable edge sander that offers several key benefits and new safety features.

The Bona Edge UX combines power, maneuverability, flexibility, and safety features to provide an enhanced user experience and optimal sanding performance.

  • Measuring multimeter: The Edge UX is equipped with a measuring multimeter, allowing users to monitor important parameters such as voltage and current during operation. This feature provides valuable information for maintaining optimal performance and safety.
  • Minimal noise: The Edge UX is designed to minimize noise generation during sanding operations. This helps create a more comfortable working environment and reduces the potential for noise-related disturbances.
  • Optimal air flow: The sander is engineered to provide optimal air flow, ensuring efficient dust extraction and maintaining a clean working area. Effective dust extraction contributes to better sanding results and improves overall air quality.
  • Anti-tilt technology: The Edge UX incorporates anti-tilt technology, which helps prevent the sander from tipping over during use. This enhances stability and safety, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to the sander or the workpiece.

Additionally, the Bona Edge UX offers new flexibility and safety features to enhance the user experience and create a safer working environment. Its design allows for easy maneuverability, reaching corners and stairs with ease. The risk of chatter marks, which are undesirable sanding marks, is minimized, ensuring a smoother and more uniform finish. The LED light technology improves visibility, making it easier for users to see their work area and achieve better sanding results.


Technical data:

Motor Power: 230V-50Hz-1.25KW
Sanding Arm Length: 130 mm and 220 mm
Sanding Arm Height: 58 mm

Total weight
Bona Edge UX arm length 130 mm: 14,4 kg
Bona Edge UX arm length 220 mm: 15,4 kg

Noise Level: 92 dB
Light: LED Strip
Disc Size: 178 mm
Disc Speed: 3000 rpm

Directions for use:

Attach the dust bag according to the instructions in the manual. After that it is time to put on the sanding disc for rough sanding.

Use the same grit of the sanding paper as for the belt or drum sander. Connect the cable to the wall outlet. Which should have at least a slow fuse of 10 A. And for your own safety always use an earth leakage circuit breaker.

Now you are ready to start with the sanding. Start the machine and let it run for a few seconds so that the dust bag is filled with air and the motor reaches full speed.

Start sanding with rotation movements, from left to right clockwise. Don’t press the machine downwards; let it work with its own weight. Never stand still with lowered sanding disc, because ugly marks will be made on the floor. Finish the sanding when the machine is still moving. Stop the machine immediately with the stop button. Keep the cable away from the working area of the machine.

After the first rough sanding all old lacquer should be gone. The purpose of the following sandings is to remove the scratches form the first sanding. To remove the lacquer in the corners you should use a bladed scraper or detail sander. Now you have finished the first sanding of the floor. Vacuum the floor properly so that it is absolutely clean before continuing. Check if there is any damage to the floor that needs to be repaired. If this is the case you can fill it with wood filler.

Now it is time to continue with the work. If it is a common parquet floor you should be sanding twice, using the same grit as for the big machines.


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