Bona DCS 70


Powerful vacuum unit for completely dust-free sanding.

The Bona DCS 70 is a powerful vacuum unit designed for completely dust-free sanding.

It offers several key benefits:

  • Completely sealed system: The vacuum unit features a completely sealed system, ensuring that dust and particles are effectively contained within the machine. This helps maintain a clean and dust-free working environment.
  • Low power consumption: The DCS 70 is designed to operate with low power consumption, making it energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • Convenient transportation: It is a portable vacuum unit, making it easy to transport and move around the job site. This enhances flexibility and efficiency during sanding projects.
  • Quick and dust-free bag swaps: The DCS 70 is designed for quick and easy bag swaps, minimizing downtime and ensuring a dust-free process. This allows for continuous and uninterrupted sanding.

The Bona DCS 70 utilizes a two-step cyclonic separation and unique filter design to effectively collect and contain dust. By connecting the vacuum unit to the sanding machine, it helps create a completely dust-free sanding experience. This improves the overall quality of the work, reduces cleanup time, and promotes a healthier and safer working environment.


Technical data:

Weight: 43 kg
Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 1200 mm
Dust holding capacity: 70 L
Motor power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1400 W, 5 A

Airflow with 7.5 m hose: 235 m³ per hour
Coarse filter: conical folded polyester filter, 1 m²
Fine filter: HEPA class H 13 (99.996%, 0.3 μM), 0.66 m³

Hose aperture: 35 mm diameter
Hose length: 7.5 m including connection adapters


Check the cable for damage. Connect the cable to the power socket which should have at least a slow fuse of 10 A. And for your own safety always use an earth leakage circuit breaker.
Connect the vacuum hose to the DCS70 and the other end to the preferred sanding machine. Pick the right connector and make sure the hose is tightened firmly to the connector and connect to the sanding machine.
Connect the sanding machines power cord to the DCS 70 if Autostart is preferred. Open the upper part of the DCS 70 and check the Longopac cassette. It should sit
tight to the housing.
Look for holes or damage on the plastic dust bag. Close and lock the upper part.


Directions for use:

Start the DCS 70 by pushing the main switch to pos. “1”, if you have not connected the sanding machine to the DCS 70. (i.e. the sanding machine is connected to a wall- mounted power socket. If you are using the “Autostart” function and have the sander connected to the DCS 70, put the switch in pos. “2”. The DCS 70 is now in standby mode.

Note: When using belt sanders check that the machine does not draw too much power as this may blow fuses either in the plug or the properties ‘trip switch’. If this occurs replace/re-set fuses and power the DCS 70 and sanding machine via independent wall power sockets.

Start the sander and the DCS 70 will start automatically after a second or two. When you turn the sander off, the DCS 70 will run for an additional 18 seconds to allow the sander to stop completely and empty the hose.

Note: When the DCS 70 is working correctly, with dust tube connected, the needle of the ‘vacuum gauge’ will be in a vertical (12 o’ clock) position. This is normal.

Clean the filter
When the vacuum meter reaches well into the red area, it is time to clean the filter.
Usually you should clean the filter every time you change abrasive. (Better once too often, than once too late). Disconnect the hose from the sanding machine and hold the opening against the top part of the DCS 70. Turn on the machine and look at the vacuum meter. When it doesn’t move anymore, give the filter cleaning lever a strong push downwards. Repeat this 4 – 5 times. Connect the hose and continue to sand.

After work
When you have finished sanding or the dust bag is full, the bag must be changed.
Switch of the machine, leave the hose attached and open up the upper part. When it’s fully open shake the bag a little, squeeze the bag and attach two cable ties approx. 50mm apart. Use the scissors and cut between the ties.

Take the full bag out and pull out approximately ½ metre of new bag. The vacuum inside the barrel will pull the rest of the bag out into position.

Disconnect hoses and cables and look back on another clean day!

For all maintenance and service please contact engineers of Bona or other designated Bona distributor.


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