Bona DCS 25


Powerful vacuum unit for the collection of fine and hazardous dust.

The Bona DCS 25 is a powerful vacuum unit designed for the collection of fine and hazardous dust.

It offers several key benefits:

  • Filtering during operation: The vacuum unit filters dust and particles from the air during operation, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment.
  • Post-suction when automatic: It has a post-suction feature that continues to extract dust even after the sanding machine is turned off, maximizing dust collection efficiency.
  • Alarm in case of too low airflow: The unit is equipped with an alarm system that alerts the user if the airflow drops below a certain level, ensuring continuous and effective dust collection.
  • Soft-start motor: The vacuum unit features a soft-start motor, which provides a smooth and gradual startup, reducing strain on the electrical system and increasing the longevity of the motor.

The Bona DCS 25 is specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements for vacuum cleaners in the construction industry. It is an ideal solution for collecting fine and hazardous wood dust generated by Bona sanding machines. By utilizing the Bona Dust-Free sanding system, the DCS 25 helps to maintain a clean and safe working environment, ensuring high-quality results in sanding projects.


Technical data:

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 550 x 500 x 1070/830 mm
Collection capacity (bag) Approx. 16 litres wood dust
Motor 1450W, 230V, 6A
Air flow 194 cubic metres per hour
Pre-filter Teflon coated membrane filter
HEPA filter Class H 13 (99.996%, 0.3μm), 1,1 m²
Hose aperture 35 mm in diameter
Length of hose 7.5 m


• Make sure that the collection container is empty and that the pre-filter is correctly fitted. Check that the filters of the machine are intact and undamaged.
• Check that the dust bag is mounted in the container.

• Check the cable for damage. Connect the cable to a 230 V power socket which should have at least a slow fuse of 10 A. And for your own safety always use an earth leakage circuit breaker.

Connect the vacuum hose to the DCS 25 and the other end to the preferred sanding machine.

Connect the sanding machines power cord to the DCS 25 if auto-start is preferred.

Bona DCS 25 can be used with machines with a power consumption of 2000 W


Directions for use:

When the machine has been correctly assembled and connected. It can be switched on and off by pushing the red start/stop switch on the motor top. The machine has been equipped with an acoustic and a visual alarm indicating when the air flow is too low for proper dust collection. This alarm must be checked before use: Block the intake at the end of the hose, the
machine will start beeping and the LED light will flash. Unblock, the alarm will stop.

Bona DCS 25 is equipped with an automatic start/stop and electrical outlet. If a sanding machine or other electrical hand tool is connected directly to the power outlet of the motor, the Bona DCS 25 will automatically start and stop when the sanding machine is turned on and off. The automatic start/stop is programmed with a post- suction cycle making the suction continue for a few seconds after the connected machine has been switched off. The automatic start/stop is activated with the black switch on the motor top. When the automatic start/stop is activated, the machine will not start when you push the red switch. The machine will not start until the connected machine is started.

Note: Maximum power consumption of the connected machine must not excide 2000 W. If a more powerful machine is to be connected to the Bona DCS 25, make sure to connect that machine to a separate / independent wall socket. If fuses blow when using the Bona DCS 25 with a sanding machine with max. 2000 W, replace/re-set fuses and power the DCS 25 and sanding machine via independent wall power sockets.


Cleaning the Pre-Filter during operation

1. Block the intake/hose so that full vacuum is made in the machine. Grab the flap of the shock valve.

2. While the machine is blocked and running, pull the flap of the shock valve.

3. Once the power grows bigger than the influence from the vacuum, the valve will automatically open with a puff.

4. Release the valve.

Repeat step 1-4 approx. 2-3 times when cleaning.

The Bona DCS 25 collects the dust in a dust bag. To change the dust bag:

Loosen the four clips attaching the motor top to the collection container and remove the motor top.

Place the motor top upon a dry and clean surface.

Remove and close the dust bag.

Always empty the machine after use.
You must make sure the dust collected can’t fall out of the machine during transportation.

For all maintenance and service please contact Bona or other designated Bona distributor.


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