Bona Classic


1 L

Key benefits:

  • Light coloration: Bona Classic enhances the impression of classic, light wood, providing a light coloration to the surface.
  • Elastic properties: The primer has elastic properties, which help reduce the risk of side-bonding, ensuring a durable and flexible film.
  • High solids content: Bona Classic has a high solids content, resulting in a well-bodied surface and improved coverage.
  • Non-yellowing: The primer is non-yellowing, meaning it will maintain its original color over time.


Bona Classic is a 1K waterborne primer that is designed to enhance the appearance of classic, light wood. Its reliable formula creates a well-bodied surface, and the soft and flexible film it produces reduces the risk of side-bonding. The primer has forgiving application properties, making it easy to apply, and it is suitable for use on most types of wood.

With Bona Classic, you can achieve a light and natural look on your wood surfaces while ensuring excellent adhesion and durability. The primer’s non-yellowing properties ensure that the color remains true and unchanged, preserving the beauty of your wood over time. Additionally, it meets the A+ and EC1 Plus standards for low emissions and indoor air quality, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your projects.

1. Using a Bona Roller, apply the primer evenly avoiding accumulation of product. Care should be taken to achieve a uniform level of timber saturation to avoid
colour variation. Always maintain a ‘wet edge’ to avoid overlaps.

2. Allow to dry and apply 23 layers of a waterborne lacquer from Bona depending on wear resistance requirements.

Note: Due to its elasticity Bona Prime Classic is not suitable to abrade. Apply one layer of lacquer before abrading to reduce grain raise.

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