Bona Classic

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EC1 Plus
Bona Classic is rated A+ for its low emissions and indoor air quality. It meets the EC1 Plus standard, which signifies that it has very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

Additionally, it is GREENGUARD certified, further ensuring that it meets stringent standards for low chemical emissions.

Bona Classic is a waterborne primer designed to enhance the impression of classic, light wood. It is based on a reliable formula that creates a well-bodied surface, providing a smooth and visually appealing base for subsequent coatings. The primer’s soft and flexible film reduces the risk of side-bonding, which refers to adhesion between the primer and the wood on the sides of floorboards. This characteristic helps to prevent issues that can arise from the wood’s natural movement. Bona Classic has forgiving application properties, making it easy to work with, and it is suitable for use on most types of wood.

Key benefits:

  • Light coloration: Bona Classic, a 1K waterborne primer, imparts a light coloration to the wood surface. It enhances the appearance of classic, light wood, adding a touch of brightness and vibrancy.
  • Elastic properties: The primer exhibits elastic properties, allowing it to accommodate the natural movement and expansion of the wood. This flexibility helps to prevent issues such as cracking or peeling, ensuring the longevity of the primer and the wood surface.
  • High solids content: Bona Classic has a high solids content, which means it contains a high concentration of solid particles. This feature contributes to better coverage and filling of imperfections in the wood, resulting in a smoother and more even surface.
  • Non-yellowing: The primer is formulated to be non-yellowing, meaning it will not develop a yellowish tint over time. This is particularly important for light wood surfaces, as it helps to maintain their natural color and appearance.

1. Using a Bona Roller, apply the primer evenly avoiding accumulation of product. Care should be taken to achieve a uniform level of timber saturation to avoid colour variation. Always maintain a ‘wet edge’ to avoid overlaps.
2. Allow to dry and apply 23 layers of a waterborne lacquer from Bona depending on wear resistance requirements.

Note: Due to its elasticity Bona Prime Classic is not suitable to abrade. Apply one layer of lacquer before abrading to reduce grain raise

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