Bona Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner


Refill (2,5 L)

Bona Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner is a powerful and safe solution for cleaning and disinfecting hard-surface floors.

Bona Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner offers several key benefits for cleaning and disinfecting your sealed hard-surface floors.

  • Kills 99.9% of household germs: This powerful antibacterial cleaner effectively eliminates a wide range of common household germs, providing a clean and germ-free environment.
  • 0% chlorine, 0% alcohol: Unlike some other cleaners, Bona Antibacterial Cleaner does not contain chlorine or alcohol, ensuring a safe and gentle cleaning experience.
  • Economical refill size: The cleaner is available in an economical refill size, allowing you to save money while continuing to enjoy the benefits of this effective cleaning solution.
  • Recommended by professionals since 1919: Bona has been trusted and recommended by professionals in the flooring industry for over a century, making it a reliable choice for your cleaning needs.

Please note that Bona Antibacterial Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner is specifically designed for sealed hard-surface floors like stone, tile, laminate, and vinyl. It may not be suitable for other surfaces or wood floors. Always follow the instructions and product information for safe and effective use. In the UK, the cleaner is exclusively available at Lakelan

1. Mist Bona HardSurface Floor Deep Cleaner Antibacterial Formula on a small section of the floor.
2. Wipe off floor section using a Bona Cleaning Pad. Rinse or replace cleaning pad when soiled.

On stubborn spots, rubber heel marks or sticky spills etc, spray cleaner directly onto spot and let work a few minutes. Scrub spot clean with a cleaning pad.

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